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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carob and Chocolate Peanut Clusters

I guess Im letting my chocolate cravings get to me. I made yet another round of chocolate treats this week. I decided to try out carob instead of chocolate. I used 90% carob chips, and 10% dark chocolate. This was probably the easiest dish I have ever made. And it tasted sooo good. This came out much cheaper than buying the carob clusters sold at the store. Carob chips are also cheaper than chocolate chips. The bit of unsweetened chocolate went a long way in this recipe. I could not tell the difference between chocolate and carob clusters.

Carob and Chocolate Peanut Clusters
9 parts Carob Chips
1 part Dark Chocolate
Roasted Peanuts

1) Melt carob and chocolate together using the double boiler method.
2) Stir in nuts.
3) Drop nuts by spoonful onto wax paper.
4) Cool in fridge for 1 hour.

Clusters cooling on wax paper. One thing to note is that they start out a light brown color, but turn dark after they set completely.

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